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Is the price fully inclusive?
Yes. The price you see is the price you pay.

What is the cancellation policy?
All bookings are non-refundable as we hold the van and take it off hire for you and you only. We can however amend a booking free of charge providing you give us a minimum of 24hrs prior notice subject to availability.

Is there a deposit to pay?
No! All we ask is that you pay for the hire in advance using a Debit or Credit card and we retain your card details as security against the rental agreement.

Is insurance fully comprehensive or third party?
Fully comprehensive

Can I provide my own insurance?
Yes but this facility is available only to companies with fully comprehensive fleet insurance policies.

What is the insurance excess?
In the event of a claim you are responsible for the first £1000 of that claim. This amount rises to £1500 for European travel and for drivers under 25yrs or over 70yrs of age.

Can I reduce the insurance excess?
You can reduce the insurance excess to £350 by payment of £10 per day but this must be declared at commencement of hire. However this is not applicable to European travel, drivers under 25yrs or over 70yrs of age.

Overhead Damage?
The hirer accepts full liability for any overhead damage caused to the vehicle including any loss of hire regardless of cost.

Tyre & Windscreen Damage?
The hirer accepts full liability for any tyre or windscreen damage caused to the vehicle including any loss of hire regardless of cost.

Can I pay to reduce the liability of damaged tyres and windscreens?
Yes you can pay £10 per day to eliminate any accidental tyre or windscreen damage or replacement charges.

What time can I pick up and return vehicles?
All Hires start and end at 9am, excluding weekend hires which start at 5pm on Friday and end at 8am on Monday. All vehicles must be returned by 9am (8am for weekend hires) on the return day.

Are the vehicles collected and returned fuelled?
No. Our policy on fuel is return the vehicle with the same fuel it had in it when you picked it up.

Will I be refunded for any extra fuel I put in?
Unfortunately not, however our staff will advise you on the size of the tanks and how economical the vehicle is so you will have the best chance of not over filling the vehicle.

Are there any mileage charges?
Mileage charges are applicable see below:-
1 Day hire = Unlimited mileage
2 + Days hire = 200 miles per day
Weekend Special Hire = 450 miles
Weekly hires = 950 miles
If you exceed these allowances the charge will be 10 pence per mile + VAT upon return of the vehicle. For example 100 miles will cost £10.00+VAT provided you are using the vehicle within the UK.

Where do I collect the vehicle?
You can collect your chosen vehicle from one of our local depots. Parking for your own vehicle is available upon request however we do request that the keys to the vehicle are retained until your return. KVS accepts no responsibility for accident loss or damage to vehicles/persons whilst on the premises.

Can KVS deliver the vehicle to me?
Unfortunately not at present. You will need to collect the vehicle to complete hire documentation

Can I return the vehicle outside opening hours?
No. Our site is secured and vehicles must be returned within our opening hours.

Are there age restrictions on the hire?
Yes. Drivers must be aged between 25 and 70 years.

I have recently passed my test is it a problem?
Yes you must have held a full licence for minimum 2 years

I do not have a UK licence!
We can only hire to holders of a full UK or EU licence. All other international licence holders please contact one of our offices.

My photo card Licence has expired is this still acceptable?
Yes providing that the licence is still showing as valid with the DVLA you can check this by logging in to the .GOV website view my driving licence page.

What if I have convictions on my licence?
Minor convictions are unlikely to be a problem you must declare all convictions at the time of booking and we will endeavour to assist, failure to declare convictions may result in refusal or cancellation of hire without refund. It is the sole responsibility of the hirer to declare any points/convictions prior to booking we will not be held responsible/refund for hirers who fail to declare this information. If you are unsure whether your points/convictions will hinder your ability to hire one of our vehicles we will upon request help you to check your licence prior to taking payment. Once payment is taken if points/convictions become apparent we are under no obligation to refund the cost of the hire. If another person apart from the hirer is driving it will remain the responsibility of the hirer to check with the chosen driver whether they have point/convictions on their licence before booking.

I have never renewed my paper licence for a photo card licence is this still acceptable?
Provided your licence issue number is still valid we can accept the old paper licence providing you bring a passport as identification we will require an online licence check through the .GOV website.

I cannot create a share code from the .GOV website will I still be able to hire a vehicle?
Yes however we will require a clearance by telephone call to the DVLA but they charge for the information and we pass the charge on to you. The standing charge for this is £5 plus VAT subject to DVLA systems working and during their opening hours please note they are closed on Sundays therefore licence cannot be checked failure to check your licence with the DVLA will result in refusal or cancellation of hire without refund.

I don’t have a passport?
Then we will accept any formal secondary form of photographic ID

My passport is out of date?
The passport does not have to be valid

All my utility bills are now on line so I don’t have one?
We require formal documentation showing the same address as your licence. Bank statements or similar are acceptable you can either print them off yourself or e mail it to us.

Can we have more than one driver?
Yes. Any additional drivers must meet our strict criteria, attend our offices and complete and sign our documentation prior to driving our vehicle. Additional drivers are chargeable at £10 per driver per day plus VAT

What if I breakdown?
Full breakdown is cover included. Details can be found on your copy of the vehicle inspection report.

Can I take a hire van to my local waste recycling centre?
Yes you can providing you have pre-arranged this with your recycling centre by telephone or have a permit the recycling centre may wish to see your copy of the rental agreement

Can I have pets in the hire vehicle?
No we do not allow for pets in any of our vehicles for health and safety reasons and people with allergies, any vehicles returned with pet hairs or odours will be charged £50 +VAT.

Can I smoke in the hire vehicle?
No we do not allow smoking in any of our vehicles as they are public vehicles like a taxi or a bus or health and safety reasons and people with allergies, any vehicles returned with ash, Tabaco or odours will be charged £50 +VAT.

What are your opening times?
Monday to Friday 08:00 - 17:00
Saturday 08:00 - 11:00
Sunday 08:00 - 10:00

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